Before any fees are charged, RSS will conduct a thorough needs assessment in order to make compliance recommendations.  Once we know which services are needed, we can price the program.  

For example, if you already have a suitable business entity, filing costs will be lower and the process will be quicker, however many existing entities will not be appropriate for a marijuana business. 

In another example, if the plan is to obtain a Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) Recreational Marijuana License, the costs are going to be higher, commensurate with the heavy additional workload required by all parties. 

Lawyers typically charge $3,500 to $6,500 just to form your new entity. 

For this, the lawyer’s assistant files your entity with the WA Secretary of State and may or may not obtain your Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) for you.     

You should, but may or may not receive all the necessary documents for your LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Social Purpose Corp or sole proprietorship, including articles of incorporation or formation, bylaws, operating agreement, etc. 

Add some variably useful advice and most lawyers stop there for your $3,500 to $6,500.  

But, you certainly DON’T get a team of five professionals on your side with over 100 years of collective business experience in large, small and startup businesses. 

Unless you’re willing to pay the lawyer by the hour for additional services, it is on YOU to navigate the rest of the many requirements, including: 

  • Dept. of Revenue (DOR) Business License
  • DOR Reseller Permit
  • County planning department or city hall for Business License and/or Certificate of Occupancy
  • Labor & Industries (L&I)
  • Employment Security
  • Numerous quarterly and annual reports
  • Premises/inventory/crop/delivery insurances
  • Leasing and subleasing issues 

RSS marijuana compliance program fees for most clients will be lower than typical legal fees alone – $2,500 & up – depending on the type of business, plus RSS brings far more bang for the buck to the table than a stand-alone law firm 

Please call or email to schedule a private, no-obligation initial discussion in person or on the phone about your situation.