RSS is a team of business professionals with over 100 years of collective experience in large, small and startup businesses.  

We have the specialized expertise you need to achieve and maintain full compliance with all state, county and city ordinances: 

  • A cannabis-savvy lawyer who knows the advantages of multi-layered structures and the language necessary to avoid unnecessary filing delays and difficulties. 
  • An accountant/CPA with experience with both CO and WA marijuana laws who knows the ins and outs of the IRS relative to required accounting practices for marijuana businesses, current case law and who has successfully defended marijuana businesses in IRS audits (those who elected to adhere to his accounting recommendations, that is).  Some others didn’t operate squeaky clean as recommended and are currently in deep do-do. 
  • A chief operating officer/project engineer/manager and management consultant with relevant domain knowledge and expertise regarding yields, manpower deployment, methods and practices. 
  • A chief marketing officer/chief financial officer with highly sophisticated branding, intellectual property and financial compliance knowledge and experience. 
  • A security professional with previous Colorado experience who is the most sought after security-systems supplier and installer in Washington.  His operations don’t get heisted while closed, and depending on how the security is configured, they can’t get robbed during the day either. 

RSS also can provide extensive networking introductions within the cannabis community, including vendors, merchant services, bartering opportunities, etc.